Earthing & Bonding

Operating in North London, HS Electrical are able to assist you with every element of earthing and bonding. Our team of qualified electricians are able to provide you with advice, as well as offering professional testing services to ensure all requirements are met. If you are looking to have alterations or additions made to your electrical installation, we are able to check that your earthing and bonding is up the required standards set by BS 7671.

What is earthing and bonding?

Earthing is the process used to protect people from getting electrocuted. By providing a protective conductor for a fault current to earth, earthing can protect you from getting an electric shock. The protective conductor is generally referred to as a path. The path put in place causes whichever protective device being used, whether it be a circuit breaker or fuse, to switch the electric current off from the circuit with a fault.

Earthing and Bonding North London

If there is a fault in your electrical installation there is an increased risk of getting an electric shock if you accidentally touch a live metal part. Electric needs to flow, and when equipment or appliances are faulty, the current could potentially use a body part to flow the current from the live part to the earth part. An example of this might be a cooker with a fault. The fault current flows to earth through the protective (earthing) conductors. A protective device such as a fuse or circuit breaker installed in the consumer unit would switch off the electrical supply to the cooker, which in turn protects anyone touching it from being electrocuted.

Bonding is used to protect anyone who might touch two separate pieces of metal from receiving an electric shock when there is a fault in the supply of electrical installation. Bonding conductors are connected between two particular parts to reduce the original voltage there may have been. The two types of bonding we use are main bonding and supplementary bonding.

HS Electrical are fully qualified and up-to-date with our knowledge of earthing and bonding. Contact us today and speak to one of our dedicated team in regards to your earthing and bonding requirements.